New Spaces



McMillan’s Fine Arts Center (theater) is a unique space
for a community of our size. It sees numerous events
throughout the year, including movies, concerts, plays, and
community gatherings. New seating will make the space
more comfortable and effective. An updated sound system
and improved handicapped access will create a better user
experience for all ages.

MAKER 1_R (Large).png


Designed for all ages, our expanded makerspace allows
community members to gather, create, invent, tinker,
explore and learn new skills using a variety of tools and
materials. The space contains a mix of collaborative and
planning space with hands-on workspace and tools.

MEETING 1_R (Large).png


A large Meeting Room that accommodates groups of 16-24 contains flexible furniture to allow layouts to
match the needs of the users. This space allows us to host more programs and meetings. In addition, we will use it as a technology training space.



The center of the new space contains a revamped skylight
lounge area. The removal of the current lighting grid will make the space feel larger while allowing more natural light in during the day. Users can chat quietly or read a book in this comfortable space.

DESK 1_R (Large).png


The new Service Desk is located deeper into the room to allow immediate assistance. Direct observation
of the Makerspace will allow for extended open hours for
patrons to utilize the equipment.

COMPUTERS 1_R (Large).png


A new public computer space gives you more room to do your work. In addition, it makes it easier for those who need help to get it.

rooms 4-5.png


Many of our users wish to work privately or in small
groups. Others need to be able to videoconference without
disturbing others. Five small study rooms will provide the environment people need while still allowing staff to monitor the area.

rooms 1-3.png


These smaller study spaces give users the opportunity to focus on their work with minimal distractions. Plenty of table space and plugs allow users to stay focused for the long haul. 



Tying the newly renovated space to our children’s area
is a seating and display area. This comfortable common
space allows parents who have children in both areas
to supervise them while enjoying the library. Multiple
display spaces will showcase community
organizations, makerspace projects, and local artists.

MAKER 5_R (Large).png


The ideas lounge, part of the makerspace, allows for small
groups to meet and talk about new ideas and plans. This
social space also allows for people to ease themselves into
the makerspace by being able to observe prior to beginning a project.

adult room labeled.jpg

Adult Room Floor Plan

This floor plan shows the main features of the project. An expanded 1,500 square foot makerspace, which includes a recording studio, computer training area and room for the 3D printers, laser cutter and other tech goodies. A new 600 square foot meeting / training room. Two rooms for group work / study and three for individual use, all designed for online classes and meetings. A quiet study / work area where the local history materials will be housed. A redesigned skylight area that fills the room with natural light. 

fac labeled.jpg

Fine Arts Center (Theater)

The theater also gets a major upgrade. It expands to 249 seats, with five slots reserved for wheelchairs. A zero pitch ramp to the stage removes barriers to participation. A hearing loop works with hearing aids to make presentations more accessible. A permanent screen replaces the roll down one. Improved lighting and sound completes out the package.